Elections and Democracy

Elections and Democracy

WANEO as part of its new Five(5) Year Strategic Policy Framework (2020-2025) is highly committed to advancing its core vision and mission priorities of promoting and defending democracy ,transparent and credible elections across the West African Sub-region for sustainable development ,peace and security .WANEO believes that, genuine democratic elections are a prerequisite condition for good democratic governance in West Africa, because they are the vehicle through which the peoples of West African Countries can freely express their democratic rights and sovereign will ,on the basis established by law as to who shall have the legitimacy to govern in their interest in national and local governance of West African Countries . Democratic election also implies a freewill expression of sovereignty which resides in the peoples of West Africa Nations ,thus, the free democratic expression of the citizenry which provides the basis for the authority and legitimacy of government of the people ,by the people and for the peoples of West African Countries .
WANEO is therefore committed to expanding its institutional and corporate partnerships, collaboration and alliances with all relevant stakeholders at the international ,regional ,sub-regional ,national and local level towards prosecuting its core mandate of promoting and defending democracy and credible elections across the West African Sub-region . WANEO as part of its flagship programme and operational projects within the West African Sub-region will continue to leverage on all the international ,regional ,sub-regional and national policy instruments , treaty obligations and national policy legislations bordering on democratic elections in all its earmarked project jurisdictions and nations of West Africa towards deepening sustainable democracy ,development ,peace and security across the West African Sub-region .Meanwhile, WANEO as the peoples-owned and peoples -centered Sub-regional Agency is well dedicated to ensuring that, the voice of the peoples of West African Nations are loudly and clearly heard and acted upon by all relevant State and Non-State Actors in the overall governance and development processes of the Countries of West Africa. This is because , legitimacy in genuine democratic governance resides in the Peoples of West Africa . Hence , the premium and priority WANEO attaches to democratically-oriented civic activism and popular participation in all democratic processes tailored to securing the general wellbeing of the Peoples through legitimate good democratic governance .