Access to voter information and voter education remains the rights and responsibility of the eligible citizen voter in any West African Nation to be adequately informed in the overall voting and electoral processes of the locality and country of the West African eligible citizen voter towards achieving the desired active and popular political participation in the governance and development processes of the Nations of West Africa . WANEO fairly and genuinely believes that, achieving desirable political outcome in the active and popular participation of the citizenry in a democracy, requires that, the voter is adequately educated about the whole voting and electoral processes in order for the voter to be fully abreast with the current methodologies and procedures in the whole voting and electoral process.
That is , the voter ought to know how and when to register to vote in an election before the deadline of the voter registration processes of all elections. The voter must also know the exact date and time of the election, the voter must also know his or her assigned or registered polling station , the voter must properly know how to vote or cast the ballots , the must also know the required documentation needed to be inspected or verified at the polling station , the voter must also know the candidates and their issues bordering on the policies and programmes as captured under manifesto , the voter should be adequately informed by watching and listening to candidates debates ,attending political events and following news about the issues and candidates in the local and national news portals such as on radio ,television ,online and newspapers in order to help secure an enlightened , well-educated and informed electorates or voters towards making rightful and decisive decisions in voting processes for the purposes of securing the sustainable and prosperous development and progress of the voter’s locality and country across the West African Sub-region. Access to public information with regards to elections and voting remains a human rights affair ,hence ,WANEO will continue to advance its operational mission in securing for the Peoples of West African Countries a more accessible ,free and adequate voter education and information to aid in making informed and prudent decisions in the electoral processes in all the West African democracies towards the consolidation and sustainability of democratic governance ,development ,peace and security across West Africa.