Public Elections efficiency

Public Elections efficiency

Competence and efficiency in the overall management and administration of public elections remain the cardinal hallmark of transparent ,accountable and credible democratic elections in accordance with international best practices and standards in public election management which has been globally acclaimed by the United Nations Systems , the European Union , the African Union , ECOWAS , the United States Agency for International Development(USAID) , the DFID/UKAid ,the OSCE ,the OECD ,Community of Democracies (CoD) , the Commonwealth , International IDEA including other international ,Regional-based and Sub-regional Organizations in the democracy assistance communities across the World . WANEO firmly believes that, the legitimacy of political institutions in West Africa is closely related to the credibility of the electoral systems in the West African Nations of which the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance and the African Charter on Democracy ,Election and Governance continue to remain the guiding principles of WANEO’s operational mission across the Sub-region in our collective democratic struggle to help fix the institutional systems towards promoting efficiency and competence of Election Management Bodies(EMBs) ,including other Political Institutions such as Political Parties , Civil Society Actors , Constitutionally-established Commissions and Organizations , Academic and Research Institutions dedicated to the promotion and sustainability of democratization in the Sub-region .
WANEO will continue to expand and consolidate its institutional cooperation and partnership with all credible and relevant democratic stakeholders in the Sub-region and around the World towards implementing sustainable projects that will help strengthen ,reshape and sustain transformative election management policies and programmes which will facilitate institutional competence-building ,upgrading ,strengthening , empowerment and efficiency in the overall day-to-day operational functions of Election Management Bodies (EMBs) in the West Africa Sub-region. WANEO will also continue to prioritize the sustainable capacity development and capacity strengthening of staff of the Election Management Institutions , Civil Society Actors ,Political Parties and other key National Democracy Institutions within the operational jurisdictions of the West African Countries in our collective democratic efforts to instill in these public democratic institutions , the high sense of operational competence and efficiency in the management and administration of public elections across the West African Sub-region. WANEO will further leverage on its vast operational and technical expertise in cooperation and partnership with all credible and relevant institutions towards strengthening the capacity ,competence ,efficiency ,responsiveness and resilience of all democratic institutions such as Election Management Bodies(EMBs) ,Civil Society , Parliaments, Political Parties , Judicial Institutions , Constitutionally-established Commissions, Media and all other National and Local Public Institutions relevant to the promotion and consolidation of democracy within the operational jurisdiction of the West African States in the Sub-region. WANEO believes that, the sustainable strengthening of democratic institutions is prerequisite to consolidating and sustaining democracy and good governance that will help guarantee sustainable development, peace and security across the West African Sub-region. Consequentially, producing transparent, accountable and credible democratic institutions in West African States, hinges on strong, innovative, strategic and transformative electoral policies and programmes backed by constitutional and legal instruments to help guarantee proper accountability, transparency , efficiency ,competence and credibility in the overall management and administration of public elections across the West African Sub-region . Hence, WANEO in collaboration and alliance with its institutional partners, relevant stakeholders and civil society actors is committed to its operational mandate of promoting and sustaining democracy and credible elections across the West African Sub-region.