Monitoring and Obersvation

Monitoring and Obersvation

WANEO as a fully-fledged non-profit ,independent ,non-partisan and democratic development-oriented institution is committed and available all year round in contributing towards shaping and transforming the maturing democracies of all the 15 ECOWAS Member Countries , and all democracies in Africa across the World , in our collective democratic synergies to strengthening and sustaining democracy ,good governance , sustainable development ,peace and security across the West African Sub-region and around the World. WANEO as a Sub-regional democracy institution and a force to reckon with in the priority areas of democratic election observation and monitoring mission , democratic election policy research coupled with democratic institutional strengthening and policy reforms towards achieving sustainable democracy ,development ,peace and security across West Africa. WANEO will continue to establish and strengthen sustainable cooperation, collaboration and partnership with its international ,regional ,sub-regional ,national and local partners and stakeholders in the consolidation and sustainability of democracies of all the 15 West African Nations . Consequentially, WANEO is highly committed and determined to advancing its sustainable policy campaign for the adherence and compliance of all international ,regional and sub-regional policy instruments , protocols and treaty obligations binding on all the West African States including their respective national constitutional provisions and policy legislations tailored to ensuring sustainable ,peaceful and credible elections for the peoples of West African Nations .
WANEO in all its outreach operational mission and operational project activities , is adequately guided and governed by the declaration of principles for International Election Observation and the Professional Code of Conduct for International Election Observers including the internationally accepted standards and Code of Conduct in International Election Observation and Monitoring Mission approved by the United Nations Electoral Assistance Division , the African Union Guidelines for Elections Observation and Monitoring Missions, the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance and the ECOWAS Guideline on Election Monitoring and Observation Missions in our collective efforts to help strengthen and sustain credible and peaceful elections across the West African Sub-region. WANEO remains dynamic, innovative and strategic in all its projects and operational activities towards achieving sustainable, resilient and responsive democratic outcomes for the consolidation of democracy and good governance , progressive development ,peace and security across the West African Sub-region. Electoral integrity as a major component and centrality of genuine democratic elections remain the cornerstone of measuring and assessing the quality and values of transparent, credible and peaceful elections. Hence, WANEO is inspired and guided by these rich universal values of democracy in all its operational activities and projects across the Sub-region.