Political Participation

Political Participation

Promoting and strengthening active and popular political participation of the citizenry and civil society in the overall governance and decision-making processes of West African States and Governments remains the cardinal mission and priority objective of WANEO in all its operations. Hence ,the urgent need for all stakeholders in West African Countries to fully support and complement the unrelenting sub-regional advocacy for the inclusion and empowerment of the youth ,women and all other vulnerable groups to actively participate in the local and national governance and development processes of all the 15 West African States in our collective synergies to deepen democratization towards attaining free ,fair ,transparent and credible elections in West Africa for sustainable development ,peace and security. Active and popular political participation remains one of the most surest and ambitious ways citizens in all the 15 West African Nations can adequately help ensure greater transparency and accountability in the day-to-day governance and development processes of their Nations ,thereby guaranteeing the improved Citizen-responsive policy making ,decision-making and effective policy delivery mechanisms in all the West African States within the Sub-region .
In the light of the above, WANEO is poised and highly committed to strengthen to further strengthening and expanding its local and national stakeholder cooperation ,partnership and alliance in empowering the West African Citizenry through continuous training programmes ,capacity building for local and national leaders of youth groups, women groups ,and other vulnerable groups ,special training workshops for political parties and relevant public and private governance actors across the West African Countries in sequential order of coherence as part of our Five(5) Year Strategic Policy Framework (2020-2025) for our Sub-regional Project Operations in West Africa. It is therefore the unwavering conviction and deepest commitment of WANEO in the sense that, continuous and innovative programmes and projects in the form of public for a, conferences ,training seminars and workshops ,policy advocacy , policy education and public awareness raising remains some of the key workable and realistic projects activities required to encourage and motivate the youth ,women and other vulnerable groups of West Africa Countries to actively participate in the decision-making and governance processes of their local and national governments in our collective efforts to enhance sustainable good governance towards improving the general wellbeing of the peoples of West Africa. WANEO will continue to expand its field project coverage to as many communities and localities as possible in strategic collaboration and alliance with all relevant international, regional, national and local institutions, agencies and other stakeholders towards bringing, deepening and sustaining genuinely inclusive democratic governance at the doorsteps of the West African citizens across the Sub-region.