Peace and Security

Peace and Security

Sustainable peace and security before, during and after elections is key to consolidating and sustaining democracy, free, transparent and credible elections in West Africa. Hence, WANEO firmly believes that, attaining sustainable peace and security for credible elections in West Africa remains the duty and obligation of all stakeholders in the governance and development processes of all West African Countries in our collective bid to sustain and consolidate the maturing democracies of West Africa towards improving the general wellbeing of the West African peoples in a more sustainable fashion. In the light of the above, WANEO will continue to partner ,collaborate and cooperate with all relevant public and private institutions and other key political governance actors in ensuring sustainable peace and security before ,during and after presidential ,parliamentary and local government elections in all the Countries of West Africa for the purposes of consolidating and strengthening democracy ,good governance ,sustainable development ,peace and security in West Africa .
Peace and security are key ingredients required in sustaining democracy and credible elections in West Africa and around the World, hence, all stakeholders must contribute towards the sustainability of peace and security before ,during and after all democratic elections in West Africa. This is because ,the youth of West Africa are often times been described as drivers of violent conflicts in elections in the Sub-region. However, WANEO authoritatively believes in the opposite in the sense that, the youth of West African Countries are rather the key agents of transformative change and democratic reforms in driving the sustainable development agenda of West African Nations ,hence , the prominent need for more opportunities to sustain the empowerment of the youth of West African Countries tailored to consolidating democracy ,sustainable development ,peace and security across the Sub-region. WANEO as the peoples-centered sub-regional democracy institution is therefore committed to help engage and empower the youth of West Africa towards propelling the achievement of the seven(7) Aspirations of the African Union Agenda 2063 and the attainment of the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) at the national and local level of governance and development across the West African Sub-region.