Policy and Research

Policy and Research

In accordance with the provisions ,values and principles of the African Union Charter on Democracy ,Elections and Governance and the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance , electoral policy research and transformation of the democratic governance architecture of public institutions in West African States continue to remain high on the continental and sub-regional development agenda of the African Union and ECOWAS and in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter, and Goal 16 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) for the West African Sub-region. WANEO strongly believes that, in order to guarantee the sustainability and consolidation of democracy ,credible elections ,peace and security , it is imperative that, innovative and realistic election policy research and strategic election policy planning is seriously prioritized in all election policy making processes in all Countries of West Africa in order to help sustain the current democratic successes of the Nations of West Africa . A sound, qualitative and innovative electoral policy research and planning is key to sustaining democracy and advancing peaceful and credible elections in all the 15 ECOWAS Member States within the West African Sub-region. This is because , democracy sustainability and consolidation hinges on the quality ,dynamic ,vibrancy and innovativeness of the national electoral laws and policy legislations backed by a written national constitutional order which respects all international ,regional and sub-regional policy instruments and treaty obligations towards guaranteeing the integrity ,credibility and competence of democratic institutions and electoral policy frameworks in all Countries of the West African Sub-region. Meanwhile, WANEO will therefore continue to pursue its unrelenting election policy reforms agenda and electoral transformation campaign operations towards the enhancement and sustainability of democratic governance and credible elections in West Africa through sustainable institutional and corporate partnership and collaboration with all international ,regional ,sub-regional ,national and local institutions and agencies tailored to shaping the democratic governance architecture of the West African Nations.
Consequentially, WANEO will further expand its cooperation and collaboration with all relevant higher educational and research institutions ,organizations and democracy institutions and establishments in West Africa and around the World towards producing alternative electoral policy ideas and initiatives that will help propel an accelerated ,innovative ,dynamic , resilient and responsive election policy planning and election policy making processes across West Africa, thereby guaranteeing the democratic consolidation and sustainability of development ,peace and security across the Sub-region. The United Nations Democracy Promoting Agencies and all the UN Development Agencies , the African Union and its Institutional Agencies , ECOWAS and its Institutional Agencies , the Commonwealth , the European Union , the OSCE , the OECD , USAID , DFID/UKAid , GIZ ,IOED ,JICA and all other International Development Institutions and Agencies will continue to be the inspirational multilateral development agencies and institutions for the sustainable and continuous operations of WANEO and its partner institutions and organizations in West Africa and around the World in our collective democratic quest to strengthen and sustain democratic governance and credible elections in West Africa.