Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission, Values

To be the epitome and center for promoting and sustaining democracy, good governance, peoples inclusion and credible elections for sustainable development, peace and stability in West Africa and beyond.

  • 1. Promoting democracy and credible elections in West Africa.
  • 2. Promoting active and popular political participation in electoral process in West Africa.
  • 3. Promoting access to voter information and voter education in West Africa.
  • 4. Promoting election monitoring and observation mission in West Africa.
  • 5. Promoting election peace and security observation mission in West Africa.
  • 6. Electoral policy research and institutional transformation in West Africa.
  • 7. Promoting electoral integrity and transparency in West Africa.
  • 8. Strengthening democratic institutions and empowerment in West Africa.
  • 9. Promoting civic responsibility and civic education in West Africa.
  • 10. Promoting professionalism and accountability in electoral administration and management in West Africa.
  • 11. Promoting active stakeholder inclusion in electoral processes in West Africa.
  • 12. Promoting efficiency and competence in election management and administration in West Africa.
  • 13. Promoting the independence and accountability of Election Management Bodies (EMBs) in West Africa.

  • 1. Respect for democratic principles, values and norms.
  • 2. Respect for transparency and good governance.
  • 3. Respect for integrity, accountability and the rule of law.
  • 4. Respect for active and popular political participation in democratic processes.
  • 5. Respect for institutional responsibility, efficiency, competence, sustainability and partnership.
  • 6. Respect for volunteerism, inclusiveness, diversity and human rights.