West Africa Civic Education

West Africa Civic Education

Advancing sustainable civic responsibility and civic education in democracy activism remains one of the priority focus areas of WANEO since its establishment, which is purposed to help consolidate and sustain democratic practices, values and principles in the governance and development processes of West African States. Effective, resilient , inclusive and sustainable governance and development in a democracy greatly hinges on the citizens and civic responsibility and civic awareness raising of their relevance and contributions in transforming and developing their own Countries and communities without any form of repression and arbitrary force from any government institutions and agencies towards consolidating and sustaining the development aspirations of their Countries and Communities .In the light of the above, WANEO believes that, empowering and strengthening the civic education base of the citizens of West African Countries remains the most ambitious ways of promoting and sustaining the loyalty and patriotism of the peoples of West African States towards the sustainable and accelerated development efforts of their respective West African States. The sustainable civic responsibility of the peoples of West Africa in contributing meaningfully towards the development priorities of their respective Countries can be ideally sustained and consolidated through continuous civic education ,public awareness raising and creation, public engagement and policy sensitization, in order to help build and strengthen the confidence and wining the full support of the people in public policy planning decision-making processes as well as in policy and programme implementation processes by national and local actors in the overall governance and development processes of West Africa Countries. WANEO further believes that, securing inclusive and effective governance and development at the national and local level in the Sub-region depends on a democratic culture where Public Institutions ,Political Parties ,Civil Society Actors , Academia , Media , Private Sector Institutions and Organizations, Traditional Authorities and Institutions including all International , Regional and Sub-regional Institutions and Agencies constantly and sustainably collaborate and cooperate in peaceful democratic struggle for power and influence which helps ensure the greater will and interest of the citizenry is served ,while simultaneously protecting the rights of both individuals and vulnerable groups across the Sub-region .
Citizens participation and inclusion in the policy planning and decision-making processes, remain the ambitious incentive needed in strengthening the responsibility and cooperation of the citizenry and the peoples of the West Africa in the overall governance and development agenda of the Countries in the Sub-region. Consequentially, Aspiration 6 of the African Union Agenda 2063 which seeks to achieve for the West African peoples, an African whose development is peoples-driven, relying on the potential of the African peoples, especially its women and youth and caring for children of Africa. The Aspiration 6 of the AU Agenda 2063 further seeks to offer the peoples od West Africa, an Africa where all its citizens will be actively involved in decision-making in all aspects of development, including social, economic ,political and environmental , an African where no one will be left behind . WANEO therefore believes that, to realistically attain the seven(7) Aspirations of the African Union Agenda 2063, including the principles and vision of the African Union Charter on Democracy, Election and Governance, the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance , and the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) , coupled with the National Development Priorities and Aspirations of West African Countries ,It is imperative and essentially prudent that, all stakeholders in the governance and development processes of West African Countries ,continue to deepen cooperation and collaborative partnership with civil society in ensuring that, citizens popular and active participation in the development and governance processes is greatly enhanced and sustained in our collective efforts to attain sustainable civic responsibility across West Africa for sustainable development and improved wellbeing of the peoples of West Africa. This is because, attaining the civic responsibility of the West African peoples remains the surest way of consolidating and sustaining democracy and good governance, human rights and freedoms, justice and the rule of law, transparency and accountability, peace and security for development across West Africa. WANEO will continue to strengthen its partnership ,cooperation and alliance with all relevant international ,regional ,sub-regional ,national and local development actors in encouraging and consolidating sustainable citizens responsibility and citizens policy awareness raising and policy sensitization in political ,social and economic development agenda of West African Nations , towards improving the general wellbeing of the peoples of West Africa thereby transforming the development and governance architecture of the Countries of the West African Sub-region for the present and future generations .